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Warts Removal in Chennai

  • What is it ?

    Warts are hard bumps that are present deep in the skin and appear on the hands, knees or feet. They are contagious and can be transmitted from someone as easy as shaking hands or using same clothes.

  • Causes

    Warts is caused due to a virus called as Human Papillomavirus. This virus enters the body through some damaged skin. Some of the factors that aid for this virus are public showers, working with meat, eczema, and low immune system.

  • Treatment

    Not all warts are dangerous but they have to be removed since they can spoil your looks, leads to embarrassment, sometimes causes pain. Electro-surgery or laser surgery can be performed in or order to completely get rid of warts.

    Sometimes the warts may affect the beard region if there is any cut or damage and it may cause itching. It can be treated and the wart can be removed by electro-surgery or laser therapy.

    Some people get warts all over their face which will spoil the beauty of their face. By getting treated, one can easily and permanently get rid of warts.

    c)Palmar and plantar
    Palmer warts and plantar warts are very common, especially in small children. Plantar warts refers to the warts in the feet which can be very painful. Palmer warts are the ones that appear in the hands. They can be removed by getting treated.

    The underarms can also be attacked by the HPV virus and warts can be formed. This is very annoying and can be removed by laser therapy.

    Genital warts is caused by sexually transmitted HPV virus. It is characterized by a small bump in the genitals. They can be removed by surgery.

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