What causes Melasma?

Although the exact causes of Melasma are still to be discovered, studies have shown that hormones, UV exposure, and genetics are all major influences to the skin disorder. That being said, it has historically been considered an issue of hyperpigmentation in people experiencing hormonal changes.

What hormone imbalance causes Melasma?

Melasma during pregnancy is quite common. For many, pigmentation levels increase as their hormones change during pregnancy. Some react negatively to the hormone fluctuation, just as some get morning sickness while others do not. Melasma can be caused by pregnancy; however, in most cases it is a temporary experience and can clear up a few months after the baby is delivered. Skincare specialists can permanently remove Melasma through certified procedures.

Does progesterone cause Melasma?

Progesterone is one of the hormones involved in the menstrual cycle and pregnancy, and it can stimulate pigmentation. In some cases, people who have an increase in progesterone due to pregnancy, or from taking hormonal contraceptives, can experience signs of Melasma.

Can a vitamin D deficiency cause Melasma?

Several studies have shown that the production of Melasma is often the body’s response to protect the individual from harmful rays of the sun and vitamin D deficiency. The right melanin balance is vital to our health. If there is too much, the risk of a vitamin D deficiency increases; if there is too little, skin cancer and death increase in risk.

Does Melasma go away on its own?

The chronic condition develops slowly and can be difficult to treat on your own. Although dark patches can slowly disappear, it might take the right treatment combination and sun protection efforts to speed up the process. As with all things, prevention is the best treatment.

What treatments are available for Melasma?

Professional skincare clinics can provide effective laser treatment for Melasma. It may take up to 10 treatments for the blemishes from Melasma to be removed, but professionals can effectively and completely remove the marks in time, in most cases in six treatments. Two popular and successful treatment among Melasma patients are the Laser SpectraPeel, and Laser Toning treatments. Both options are available at the Anti Aging Toronto Clinic. The treatments break up the dense pigmentation that the skin disorder causes and provide deep, long-lasting results as the body naturally eliminates the excess melanin. There is no downtime for these treatments, and they are fairly comfortable to undergo.

Can Melasma be permanently cured?

Melasma can be permanently removed as long as there are no hormonal imbalances that will trigger a Melasma reoccurrence. Combined with adequate sun protection, such as protective clothing, sun screen with a high SPF, and limiting the time spent in direct sunlight, you can prevent the return or persistence of Melasma.