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Injection Lipolysis Treatment in Chennai

  • What is it ?

    Injection lipolysis involves a series of injections in order to destroy localized fat in certain regions of the body. The regions that can be treated are love handles, double chins, upper arms, thighs and abdomen. The fat cells are released and taken to the liver by the blood where it is broken down.

  • who need it?

    People who have excess fat stored in specific regions of the body and want to remove them in some non surgical way can take up injection lipolysis in order to kill the fat cells in the injected area..

  • Treatment

    The drugs in the injection is based on phosphatidylcholine and deoxycholate. These drugs are injected into the excess fat region which will reduce the fat storage of cells by breaking them down.

    The number of treatments recommended is,

    *One session per week for first month

    *Two sessions per month for two months

    *Once a month for maintenance


    The excess fat can get stored below the arms which can be treated by injecting the drugs in the underarms region.



    Abdomen is always a very prominent place where people want to reduce the fat. If at all non surgical treatment is needed, the patient can opt for injection lipolysis.



    The fat stored in the face can spoil your looks. When surgeries are performed they can leave scars which will take time to heal, hence injections to the face can destroy the fat cells and reduce the fat content and give you a beautiful look.


    d)Double chin

    Double chin is caused due to storage of excess fat under the chin which makes it appear like a person having two chins.Double chins cannot be easily removed by diet or exercise. Injection lipolysis is an efficient option to get rid of double chin.



    The fat cells in the neck can also be removed by using injection lipolysis by simply injecting the drugs in the neck.


    f)Love handles

    Love handles refers to the excess fat stored in the waistline which is very tough to get rid of. Injection lipolysis can remove the useless fat is an easy manner.


    g)Outer thighs

    Most of the people are dissatisfied with their thighs because of its size. It is because thighs are one of the important places where excess fat get stored. This can be easily eliminated by injection lipolysis.