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Hyperhidrosis Surgical Treatment in Chennai

  • What is it ?

    Hyperhidrosis is a common disorder characterized by excessive sweating. Sweating in the public can lead to embarrassment and make socializing uncomfortable. Hyperhidrosis can be classified as Localized and General hyperhidrosis.
    In localized hyperhidrosis, certain regions with high number of sweat glands get affected like the armpits, groin, elbows and feet. Generalized hyperhidrosis affects the entire body.

  • Causes

    The cause for Localized hyperhidrosis is usually hereditary while generalized hyperhidrosis is due to underlying health conditions like metabolic disorders, diabetes etc. There are some factors that play a role in hyperhidrosis which include nervousness, diet and nicotine intake.

  • Treatment

    Hyperhidrosis can be treated by,
    Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy – It is a surgical procedure, in which a small incision is made near the chest area and the nerves controlling the sweat glands are cut which will block the signals from the brain and in turn avoid excessive sweating.

hyperhidrosis treatment in chennai