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  • What is it ?

    Acne is a skin condition caused due to the oil and dead cells filling up hair follicles. They are not dangerous but can leave scars as well destroy your beauty. Acne mostly occurs in face but it can also form in neck, check, back and shoulder

  • Causes

    Some of the causes of acne are,

    • Genetics
    • Environment(Dust, pollution)
    • Hormones
    • Medications
    • Stress
    • Cosmetics
  • Treatment

    Acne can be treated by various methods that involve,

    • Hydrafacial – Hydrafacial involves a complete cleansing of the skin which will result in complete removal of dirt, dead skin cells etc which can effectively remove acne.
    • Chemical peels – Chemical peels involves a chemical solution which can be applied on the entire face or only in the acne region. When the peel is removed off, one gets a smooth and clear face.

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